Saturday, May 26, 2007

Apple at Eco Park

At the heart of the city lies an ecological park located near Fairview in Quezon City. Frequented by weekend promenaders, the La Mesa Eco Park is a favorite shooting venue among wedding photographers and hobbyists like me. One sunny Labor Day became a memorable day for having met this wonderful lady named Apple.

Gifted with natural talent of showing different emotions, she became a darling among some flickerians. A very patient girl, she can pose under the sun without qualms and complaints. This photo on the left is reminiscent of a scene from the classic "The Sound of Music" movie with her dress and the flower on the foreground providing a perfect subject for the grassy and hilly slope background. This photo eventually made it to the Nikon Stunning Gallery on May 15, 2007.

The photo on the left was taken at the Shell Flower Terraces, a favorite spot for taking prenuptial shots by wedding photographers. This is my favorite among the photos on this set. The model is simply emotive here and a fill in flash from an off-board Nikon SB800 speedlight contributed some dramatic lighting for this image.

Taken in available light near the Orchidarium, this photo shows Apple's knack for emotive posing as well as her versatility on producing different angles of view for the photographer to capture with a press of the shutter release button. Her simplicity without ever trying is very alluring.

The photo on the right was taken at the dock of the pond and was a capture of a candid moment when she was caught off guard who, upon calling her name, instantaneously looked at me while I was clicking for this shot.

The lagoon at dusk with a boat on the background is another marvelous backdrop for this kind of shot. Using a single off cam Nikon SB800 speedlight mounted on a deflector umbrella, this photo was captured using Nikon's Creative Lighting System of remotely triggering an off board flash in the commander mode. You may also configure the setting in such a way that the built-in light will contribute some fill-in light frontally into your subject.

This image is likewise a favorite of mine and using the same lighting set up mentioned above, the dark waters on the pond with faint reflections of light on the background is a fitting enhancement for a black on black theme photo.

Many thanks to Nuah Alpha Princess for being such an amazing person inside and out.