Friday, December 23, 2005

Svetlana 6L6GCs

Vacuum tubes never fades away unlike solid state amplifying devices where they become a fad now and a fade later. This is a fact, these 6L6s were introduced in the audio world some seventy (70) years ago and they still sell today with new production tubes coming from China and Russia. The 6L6 is a "beam" tetrode and was originally developed by RCA engineers and became an instant hit when radio manufacturers started using it in the output stages of some audio applications.

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JLoB said...

Hi Ronnie. The site is great! Most of the photos are very nice except the "25 years.." and the last sentence is not right too, many will object to that! You're calling another round of debates!! The whole site is fantastic, great photos, but I bet you did not take the tennis player pix.