Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Photographing the nude

Photo graphing the nude is perhaps one of the most popular branch of photo graphy for the obvious reason that we are all perpetually attracted to the human body of the opposite sex. I had my first experience to shoot a naked woman just recently and to tell you the truth, it's not a worthwhile experience taking photos of the nude body the first time around for lack of knowledge on how to do things smoothly.
A successful nude shot would be that of being able to show the curves of a woman and the shape of the female body and if you can catch an emotion, then it would be an embellishment to the photo. Lighting plays an important factor too and the proper placement of light sources would be critical in creating the right mood. Light and shadows can make or break a nude photograph so you must be selective on your choice of background and decide on where to place your model in relation to your sources of light. A plain black background is always a favored choice and will highlight the natural tone of the female skin. As much as possible, using colorful backgrounds should be avoided unless you want to take away the mood in your photos.
On how I took these shots, I let the model do the posing without much inter vention and according to her choice of comfortable positions and projections that in her opinion and previous experience would exude much of her sensuality. The photo session I attended was held in a studio with four other photographers who are all newbies in this field of photography. Our lack of familiarity of what the rules should be and the seemingly conflict of views on what should be done with the model negated an opportunity to capture excellent nude photography.

Joining a photo shoot with several photo graphers in one session may not be an ideal event to harness one's creativity but nonetheless, it was a learning experience for me on proper lighting and correct exposure settings in a studio backdrop.

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These pictures look very proff.