Friday, May 12, 2006

Bamboo, the Band

Bamboo is an alternative rock band fronted by Bamboo Mañalac, the former lead vocalist of Rivermaya, who founded the group composed of illustrative band members like Nathan Azarcon on bass, Ira Cruz on guitars and Vic Mercado on drums.

Bamboo and Nathan were from Rivermaya, then Nathan fused with Kapatid, worked with Ira Cruz who, together with Vic Mercado, were formerly members of Passage and that's how they came to know each other.

Perhaps tagged as the most popular band in the Philippines today, they have already released two albums, namely "As The Music Plays" and the "Love, Peace, Love". Bamboo won an MTV Pilipinas 2004 Awards for Best New Artist, Best Group and Favorite Song for "Noypi". Lead singer Bamboo Mañalac even managed to win an MTV style Award for Best Rock Style.

On the question on which is the better band, Bamboo or Rivermaya? well, Bamboo's vocal prowess was the key to Rivermaya's success as an alternative rock band.

The talents behind Bamboo is certainly more mature and their songs are livelier than ever although some say Bamboo's popularity is still no match to Rivermaya's more organized management and bigger fan base.

Rivermaya was once fronted by Bamboo along with Nathan on bass, Rico Blanco on keyboards, Mark Escueta on drums and Perf De Castro on lead guitars but Rico took over the limelight as the lead guitarist when Perf left the group due to some musical differences with some members of the band.

When Bamboo left the Rivermaya after releasing the Atomic Bomb album, Rico Blanco took over as the lead vocalist and propelled the band to a new musical dimension.

Rivermaya is presently composed on Rico Blanco on vocals and guitars, Japs Sergio on bass, Mike Elgar on guitars and Mark Escueta on drums.

Rivermaya won the Favourite Artist Philippines award at the recent MTV Asia Awards held in Bangkok, Thailand.

  Posted by Picasa photos taken during the Fresh capades Summer Escapade concert at the Harbour Square.


Maria Rowena F. Mojica said...

Hi Ron!

I'm not a big fan of Bamboo. Yun lang! Hahahahaha!

But then he's cute, saw him at ATC one time. *faints*

Anyway, I like the 5th picture, the one with the crowd. Parang there's this energy waiting to explode. Was this taken during the early part of the concert/show? Ganda ng shot ng row of people. :) Really love that one!

ronrag said...

i think it was coz when the band started playing, the crowd slowly inched their way to the front giving the bouncers a hard time pushing them back...

rechil said...

wowwwwwww bamboo i saw you, you take my breath away.......grabeh!!!!!!!! ang gwapo moh!!!!!!!! nag concert ka sa valencia gymnasium daming tao....tulala kaming lahat....da best ka of all local bands daig mo pah ang foreign band... keep it up and God bless...

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!!
I stumbled upon your blog through Treklens... A fan of Bamboo's sent me.
I love your photos!!!
I was going to ask if I could use just one of your photos (credited of course) and post it in my blog...

because I created the Pepe Smith shirt and I gave that to him and I've never EVER seen him wear this.. and I'm just totally freaking out by the sight of all these photos!!!

Thank you very much! Would like to hear from you soon!

Niña Sandejas
ninasandejas @ gmail com

mabel said...

ohhhh bamboo...grabe ang gwapo mo pala.. buti nakapunta kau sa bayan namin....
i love you bambooooooooooooo

Anonymous said...

OMG!! if i'm not mistaken these shots were taken from a free gig in harbour square? right? i was there, i was there..!! hehe.. gosh i love his band! so so much..Ü

mau said...

i love you bamboo very much...your voice is so inspiring..GOD bless!!!

Anonymous said...

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