Thursday, December 14, 2006

Toned Black and White Photos

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As they say, presenting a nude photo in black and white or duotone is more dramatic and it evokes emotion. That's why after shooting some nude portraits in colors, i searched the net and found another way of converting a color picture into a high contrast black and white using the Calculations Option in Photoshop CS2. After opening your photo, go to Image -> Calculations.

There are a lot of choices as your Source configuration but I found this combination: Background-Gray, Background-Gray, Pin Light, New Channel as the most suitable for my purpose. Click OK and voila... you now have and instant high contrast black and white photo. This is perhaps the simplest way of converting a Color photo into a striking Black and White.
You cannot, however, save the photo in the JPEG format unless you go to Mode -> Grayscale then Save. It doesn't have to stop there... you may want to improve it further by applying a simple toning technique and here it goes. Bring down the dialogue box again Image -> Mode -> Duotone. Then after seeing the Duotone box, choose Type: Quadtone.
You can find 4 different presets in the Quadtone and in the PANTONES folder, i selected this option Bl 541 513 5773. Click the LOAD and hit OK. To save your processed work, you will have to convert it back as an RGB file in order to save it as JPEG file. IMAGE > MODE > RGB then Save the file.

Thanks to Kiomi for being such a fabulous model

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