Saturday, March 31, 2007

2007 Manila International Auto Show

The 3rd Edition of the Manila International Auto Show was held last March 28 up to April 1, 2007 at the same familiar venue at the World Trade Center inside the CCP Complex, Manila. Compared to last year's event, it is less prominent with the noticeable absence of Toyota among the exhibitors. Fewer booths were seen and there's a remarkable decrease in the number of attendees.

The event is an annual venue for car or motoring enthusiasts to take a closer look at the latest models and brands of cars and other motor vehicles available locally.

As usual, gate entrance fee was pegged at P50.00 per head which will entitle the guest to roam inside the venue and perhaps take pictures of pretty ladies and the cars they are promoting just like what i did when i went there for a peek. Entertainment is likewise offered on various times of the day and I was privileged to see Jennifer Lee (the girl on top photo) in person on the day I visited the venue.

From my observation, Subaru came in as the most flashy exhibitor during the entire duration of the event. Since this edition of the show was the baptismal year of their participation, they paraded their popular Impreza line, a perennial contender in the World Rally Championship racing. The Subaru Impreza WRX is a turbo-charged 2.5 liter class all-wheel drive automobile.

Predictably, if there are good-looking cars, there must be some charming and pretty girls along side these gorgeous cars. Sarah, an Elan International model was among the familiar faces I saw gracing the Subaru booth, of which I was lucky again to have been granted the privilege of taking a few snapshots of her. This photo of Sarah made it to the Nikon Stunning Gallery days after it was posted in flickr.

Joanne, another pretty lass and upcoming model is likewise seen here among the Subaru girls.

Another exhibitor, Motolite, a local manufacturer of motor vehicle batteries came up with a different theme. They showcased a highly modified car, replete with colorful paint works and lighting effects to demonstrate and show off their batteries' superiority in providing power to a motor vehicle.